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Business Plan Templates


This 14 page, A4 business plan template will help you with refining your research and give a clear statement of your company, its philosophy, target market and advertising strategies.
The business plan is a breathing document, meaning it will grow with you and your business. This is fundamental for any business and a constant reference point.

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This template contains the basic pages (with instructions) to complete your business plan.

Pages Included:

  • Cover Page -With the name and address of your business, your logo and identity
  • Executive Summary – A brief and compelling synopsis of your business
  • About Us – An understanding of the identity of your company
  • The Business Concept – Operations, Demographics, Products and Services Category
  • Our Services – A section dedicated to what services you provide or products you sell
  • Our Products – An itemised description of each product
  • Our Marketing Strategy – Who your market is, how you will target that market, mediums etc
  • Competitive Analysis – Discuss your competition, strengths and weaknesses – how you compare.
  • Our Marketing Plan – Go into detail here – how will you implement each advertising method and your strategy
  • Manager’s and Founders – Management’s/Founder(s) company profile / short bio
  • Financials – Where is the funding coming from? Projections and considerations

The business plan you develop will demonstrate to yourself and others (lender’s etc) whether or not your business idea is worth pursuing. It is a way for you to objectively look at your idea holistically. It is a contant reference for you to refer to. So you can address any issues that stand out as road blocks. You should be constantly revising this document as your business grows and changes.

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