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An Insight

Hello and welcome. Let me introduce myself.
My name is Susan Fox, but I prefer to be called Suzie. I am approaching the big 50. I want and need to change the direction my life has taken. I want to be of value and help people more. How can I do that?

I have re-built my site to assist you with making your business dreams a reality. If at any time you need more help or direction, please ask me. The intention here is not to do the work for you, but to point you in the right direction.
I am not perfect, I am self taught. That’s where I can help you learn. I will share some tips and tricks that you can easily incorporate into building your business and brand for little outlay.
Yes I have fallen a few times, I have struggled with clients not paying and feel like giving up, but then everyday is new, and I just get up and try again! That’s what it takes, just be genuine and believe in yourself and your product.
So I really haven’t told you much about me yet, so here it is in a nut shell…..

Born in Melbourne in 1970

  • Spent most of my childhood moving with my mum and brother from state to state , eventually landing in Queensland.
  • This is where I finished primary school and most of secondary school, after getting expelled from 3 schools (a bit of a rebel, with no cause), I gave up and went out to work.
  • After trying a few jobs; I became manager of Mitre 10 in Springwood on weekends. I then landed a tracing job at Steve Paul and Partners (a hydraulics firm) during the week, I did not even know what a tracer was!
  • Then there were a multiple of drafting jobs, some permanent, some contract until I had my daughter in 1997. A neighbor of mine had a graphic company, and I helped him out while I was home with my daughter. The creative spark was ignited, but the flame burnt out when I returned back to the workforce.
  • I went back to work (drafting) after 6 months at home with my daughter, the company I left wanted me back….only now It was not manual drafting, I had to learn how to use new software, AutoCAD. Huge learning curve.
  • I keep working in the industry while raising my daughter, I am now a single mum, and doing the best I can, we had a lot of good times and outings but there were times where I struggled with the bills and giving my daughter the expensive sneakers she “had to have”.
  • Life pretty much went on like this until I met a new man, who I ‘thought was the one for me’. Let’s just say the relationship didn’t work out. One day he just walked out, leaving me 5 and a half months pregnant, with a lung, kidney and blood infection. To this day I do not know why he just walked out or how he could.
  • So I am now a single mother yet again, my daughter is 13 and a newborn baby son. Don’t get me wrong here, this is not bitterness, none of my story is, and it is just how it was. Maybe it is just me, maybe it is the people I attract, I realise (in hindsight) I was doing it wrong……Waiting for the white night, when all along I was the one to the rescue…..
I survived! I’m still kicking, I am stronger for it all.

I have grown, I have learn’t and I know who I am.

I am creative, I am passionate and I am a perfectionist!

Jump to 2007 – This is where Fox Graphix was born!

My ex-employer’s were asking for help with deadlines and word of mouth started me in this field, giving me the flexibility to work from home while caring for my newborn son. Then the local bowls club across the road asked me to do a newsletter, clients asked if I knew someone who could do this or that, I just put my hand up and did it, with outstanding feedback. I then learnt HTML from scratch so I could build websites, but these days with the inventions of WordPress and the like, it’s almost obsolete (but you still need some basics). This is your gateway (no coding knowledge required, just some basic html).

Fox Graphix became a full time passion, offering web design, graphic Design and Drafting services, taking the occasional contract drafting job when times were quiet. While it was wonderful to go to work in your PJ’s, there were downsides. Chasing money and the accounting headaches led me back to full time work and downgrading Fox Graphic to a part  time ‘hobby’.

Now I find myself wanting more, wanting to give value, wanting to help people. So I am re-launching Fox Graphix, bigger and better than ever. With a lot more to offer!

It’s all about me!…….still.

Just thought I would share a little more….
This is my feature wall in my house (2019)…my family, the good, the bad and the ugly.
This wall keeps me grounded, it evokes my passion, it is my inspiration everyday to get up, even when I am at my lowest, and try for everything I am passionate about.

Let’s get passionate about what you want…..That’s why you are here right?

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